What is it? Answers 157

Thursday, February 15, 2007

902. Two person control padlock used for securing certain magazines during the Cold War.
NAPEC = Naval Ammunition Production Engineering Center
NCEL = Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory

903. Pocket knife with emergency tracheotomy scalpel, most likely a gift to a doctor from the maker of Penthrane. The other side reads "Nonexplosive Ether".

904. Match holder

The box is hollow with a hole at the top and bottom, and the piece of wood sticking out the top is attached to the base at the other end.

When filled with matches, the box is lifted up an inch or two and when lowered back down a match will be found resting on the top.

905. Piston ring groove cleaner

906. Accessory for making any hammer a nail holding hammer, works like the one seen in this patent.

The head of a nail is slipped into the slot, the side of the hammer can then be used for the initial blow for starting the nail.

907. This was marked "antique Chinese fighting chain", though it looks more like a manrikigusari, a modern version of it can be seen here.

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